Water Saving Solutions that ensure Efficient Usage & Reduce Cost


Improve Water Usage Efficiencies – Reducing your usage


Reduce overall costs for water


Zero Capex Required – Unlocking Cashflow Opportunities


All Services & Maintenance is Covered


Tariff Reduction Opportunities – Ensuring that your being billed correctly


Marketing & PR Opportunities

EEG provide a full turn-key offering covering all your water requirements. Our models include grey water systems, container/tanker pump systems and more.

We aim to educate & create a more water aware/conscious society & environment which in-turn benefits all South Africans.

We pride ourselves on using market leading technology which allows for us to optimize water management within your business, saving you both on water usage and costs.

We create ‘Smarter Performance’ through Specialised Hardware, Real Time Monitoring, Data Analytics & Automated Reporting, thus allowing for continual improvement on the energy efficiencies on all/any building type

Contact one of our friendly Eco-Activists for more information & together we can begin the Environmental Journey of your Business.

Reduce your environmental footprint!

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Partner with a service provider that offer full services & maintenance coverage.