Utilising Solar Energy emitted from the largest renewable source of energy – The Sun!

EEG specialise in environmentally harnessing energy, through generating, storing and utilising solar energy to power your business and will:


Energy Costs Reduce by 30%-50%


Energy Consumption Reduced by 40%-60%


Zero Capex Required – Unlocking Cashflow Opportunities


All Services & Maintenance is Included


Tariff Reduction Opportunities – Ensuring that your being billed correctly


Marketing & PR Opportunities

Saving the environment through a renewable energy source as opposed to traditional methods of electricity production is a cost reduction for your business as well as a lowered tariff rate.

By implementing our solar solutions which include- solar panels, solar geysers, solar pumps and more we are able to greatly reduce your reliance on your local grid by up to 60% leading to tax rebates that your business is able to capitalise upon.

We create ‘Smarter Performance’ through Specialised Hardware, Real Time Monitoring, Data Analytics & Automated Reporting, thus allowing for continual improvement on the energy efficiencies on all/any building type

Contact one of our friendly Eco-Activists for more information & together we can begin the Environmental Journey of your Business.

Would you like to greatly reduce your reliance on your local grid?

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Generate, store and utilise solar energy to power your business!