Eco-Cycle UniFund

The Eco-Cycle UniFund is a Social Programme that is a fundamental pillar to the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ philosophy that EEG embody (Planet-People-Profit). The UniFund is directly linked to an American Programme called Men & Ladies of Honour (M&LOH), which the EEG Founders assisted in bringing to South Africa. The M&LOH Programme is focused on underprivileged schools & specifically fatherlessness in homes, which is an epidemic in South Africa sadly.

We at EEG believe that building a better nation, begins with building better families & providing education for all. Better Families build better homes, better homes build better communities, better communities build better towns & cities, better towns & cities build better nations (you get the idea😊).

So how does it work?

The Programme is a 2-Year voluntary coarse focused on Grade 10 & 11 pupils. The curriculum is based on Godly Principles and is taught on a weekly basis. The pupils must complete the 2-year coarse to qualify for funding. Each week a fundamental lesson/principle based on being a person of honour is taught to the kids. Lesson examples include- Honesty, Discipline, Courage, Chivalry, Character, Integrity, Perseverance, Legacy, The Importance of Family etc.

Every Wednesday at 2:30pm, people just like you and me, a lot of which are Eco-Cycle Managers including the Founders give their time & serve by teaching these principles at these underprivileged schools. Each year the kids are taken on an amazing annual camp where the connections & lessons go deeper. Plus, the kids have so much fun & an experience of a lifetime. Once a pupil has completed the M&LOH Programme, they are then commissioned. The UniFund then activates & becomes available to them & they automatically qualify for university funding (How cool is that!).

The Selection Process then begins based on students’ grades, most improved, behaviour, teachers & principles references, attendance, assistance, participation etc. Once selection is completed, a group of young aspiring South Africans university fees are paid for by the EEG UniFund & they have the opportunity study at a prestigious University & make a difference not only in our beautiful country but also within the hearts of their homes.

This is truly at the centre of what EEG is trying to achieve, creating a vehicle for good, ultimately making a difference in South Africa.