EEG Air-Quality HVAC models will improve current equipment performance or upgrade to the latest technologies which will reduce cost & overall energy use by 40%-60%


Energy Costs Reduce by 30%-50%


Energy Consumption Reduced by 40%-60%


Zero Capex Required – Unlocking Cashflow Opportunities


All Services & Maintenance is Covered


Tariff Reduction Opportunities – Ensuring that your being billed correctly


Marketing & PR Opportunities

HVAC Zoning

Zoned HVAC systems constitute innovative technology that’s already changing the face of HVAC as we know it. A zoned system ensures that every room in your business is at the ideal temperature and that unused rooms can be closed off so as not to waste any heating or cooling energy.

Room Control

EEG systems fully integrates various sensors and controllers into a seamless platform that provides an occupancy-based energy system, that adapts to meet your business requirements of any property and the ability to manage your room experience from any web-enabled device.

Energy is typically the highest operating expense after labour, and lighting and HVAC combined can account for over 70% of total energy use.

While improvements in equipment performance and upgrading to the latest technologies will reduce cost, you’re able to reduce your overall energy use by up to 40% via our innovative solution.

We create ‘Smarter Performance’ through Specialised Hardware, Real Time Monitoring, Data Analytics & Automated Reporting, thus allowing for continual improvement on the energy efficiencies on all/any building type

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