The exciting journey of Eco-Cycle Environmental Group (EEG) began in 2010 through a unique combination of passions: for the environment, business and helping the less fortunate. A company that would be a vehicle for the greater good, balancing the “Triple Bottom Line” – Planet, Profit, People!

Through methodical research and a desire to innovate, the organisation started in the Recycling Industry with models and technology that were the first of their kind in South Africa.

The market responded positively with several national organisations taking on and implementing these best-in-class solutions nationwide and in the SADC region.

EEG quickly realised that its clients needed further environmental assistance. To respond to that need and its clients’ requests, more in-depth research was conducted to provide solutions in other environmental and sustainability areas such Energy, Lighting, Solar, HVAC thermal solar and Water. This materialised the original idea of EEG’s founders, in creating a holistic Environmental Group that covered all environmental areas. The group operates and is guided by its core values: innovation, hard work, dedication and passion.

The company has created a family culture of oneness, dedicated to uplifting and educating team members to become better people.

Giving-back has from the start formed part of its overarching strategies. With its commercial success EEG actively funds and donates to various environmental and social programmes including water & rhino conservation projects and food gardens in low-income areas. In addition, EEG has created the Eco-Cycle ‘Uni-Fund’, a bursary that funds the University tuition fees of high performing students from impoverished backgrounds.

After more than a decade of work, EEG has partnered with some of the biggest companies in South Africa as well as the biggest environmental organisations in the World. All services are provided nationwide as well as internationally in the SADC Region and further afield.

For more than a decade EEG has been trailing the way of the future!


Through Innovation & Technology ​

provide Environmental Solutions focused on the ​

‘Triple Bottom Line’ ​

Producing Results that Remain Economically Attractive ​

whilst Reducing the Environmental Impact of Business ​

Driving Conservation & ​

Supporting Sustainable Community Programs​

Ultimately Making a Difference in South Africa​

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