Eco-Cycle Environmental Group (EEG) was established through the unique combination of passions for the environment, business & helping others less fortunate.

The Founders had a romantic dream & felt that by combining these passions, something truly special could be created, a vehicle for good.

The journey began over a decade ago from humble beginnings.

Through research & desire the organisation initially entered into the Recycling Space with ‘1st World’ Recycling Models & Technology, the first of its kind at that time in South Africa.

This marked the beginning of an exciting journey for the company, the South African Market responded well with National Organisations coming on board & rolling out with these best-in-class solutions nationwide.

The company fast realised that customers required further environmental assistance & that further research was required in other important areas such as Energy, Lighting, Solar, Air-Quality & Water.

This brought to life the original ideas of the Founders, creating a holistic Environmental Group that covered all environmental aspects.

Through innovation, hard work, dedication & passion, Eco-Cycle Environment Group (EEG) was formally created.

 With commercial success, EEG insured that ‘giving-back’ would form part of their overarching strategies.  EEG actively fund & donate into several Environmental & Social Programmes including water & rhino projects as well as food gardens in low income areas.  Internally the company has created a family culture of oneness, dedicated to uplifting & educating team members to become better people.

In addition, EEG have created the Eco-Cycle ‘Uni-Fund’ which will be funding the University Fees of high performing students from disadvantaged backgrounds that are unable to afford University.

Today, the Group is partnered with some of the biggest companies in South Africa as well as the biggest Environmental Organisations in the world.

EEG provide comprehensive solutions that cover all our client’s environmental requirements & provide all services nationwide as well as in the SADC Regions & soon enough, further abroad.

EEG models are focused on those original founding passions, balancing the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ – Planet, Profit, People!

EEG models produce results that reduce environmental impact, make economic sense & benefit our clients financially as well as support environmental & social programmes.

EEG models are futuristic, beneficial & transformational!

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“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

 Robert Swan, Author


Through Innovation & Technology ​

provide Environmental Solutions focused on the ​

‘Triple Bottom Line’ ​

Producing Results that Remain Economically Attractive ​

whilst Reducing the Environmental Impact of Business ​

Driving Conservation & ​

Supporting Sustainable Community Programs​

Ultimately Making a Difference in South Africa​

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